Bathroom Shower Curtain

Bathroom Shower Curtain

Choosing the right bathroom shower curtain depends on three decisions: material, size, and color. A plastic curtain with magnets attached to the bottom is the best choice for keeping the water inside the shower and not on the floor. The best plastic liners are those with antimicrobial additives which keep your curtain from becoming molded and mildewed.

It is important to measure the height from the floor to the shower curtain rod to be able to pick the right size for your shower curtain. Checking the width is also important for wider than normal shower areas. 

When searching for a color, keep in mind whether your bathroom area is small or large. In a small area, busy patterns are best avoided. It is better to stick to solid colors or stripes to make the area appear larger. Choose a curtain that matches the tile or carpet, as well as the counter tops for a balanced look. Dressing up a bathroom shower curtain with decorative hooks can be another idea. Choose hooks that will reflect your individual personality, like classic chrome balls, or funny patterns with fish, ducks, or cartoon characters for the kids.

bathroom shower curtain

Once the months pass, and your new shower curtain starts to look grungy, there is no need to throw it away in the garbage. Most shower curtains can be washed in the washing machine using regular detergent and a warm water temperature. It is best to wash your curtain with bed sheets or towels, and put those in first, then add the shower curtain, followed by more of the towels or bed sheets to protect the curtains in the spin cycle. After the first spin cycle, open the washer and check to make sure everything is evenly distributed, and make adjustments as needed.

The final spin cycle will probably not get all the water out of the bathroom shower curtain, so be prepared to remove it quickly and take it to the bathtub to let it drain. Then, hang the curtain and let it drip dry. Add a few older towels on the floor to keep from making a wet mess. You can repeat washes only if the shower curtain does not get a tear in it. If this happens, you will have no choice but to toss it out, but at least you will have gotten some more use of it and held onto your money a little longer.