Bathroom Shower Curtain

Black and White Shower Curtain – Creating a Neutral Zone in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often the part of the house that brings the most dispute between men and women when it comes to decorating. While the final word in the kitchen usually goes to the cook of the house, possession of the bathroom isn’t as simple.

Ironically, both men and women tend to want the same thing out of the bathroom. They just get it in different ways. Aside from the obvious function of this small vestibule of the home, the bathroom serves as a place to relax.

For a man, this can mean a private place to read, think, invent, problem-solve, and just generally gather his wits. He wants a place where he can escape the noise of children and, dare we say it, the presence of his partner. This includes flowery shower curtains and towels.

black and white shower curtain

A woman likes to escape to the bathroom, too, but prefers a spa-like setting where she can pamper herself and celebrate her femininity.

So where is the happy medium?

Color – or, rather, lack of color – can be the perfect way to satisfy the relaxation needs of both genders. Using the classic combination of black and white gives a variety of looks and choices without either side of the bathroom battle having to compromise. This is easy to see in any black and white bathroom accessory. Since they are often the largest focal point in the restroom, we will look at shower curtains to see how using black and white can create calm.

Black and white is the most versatile color scheme. When used with strong geometric shapes, it creates a powerful look that is bold and modern. For a softer look that balances strength and femininity, choose styles with long, elegant lines or plant-like designs.

Black and white can be retro, classic, playful, or unique. You can find shower curtains with zebra or penguin prints, toile, damask, or koi fish swimming around. Even the London skyline has been silhouetted in black against a white background for your shower curtain needs.

What you probably won’t find with black and white are more reasons to argue. The masculine and feminine meet here. The simplicity of black and white creates an effect that makes the bathroom a place where anyone can relax.