Bathroom Shower Curtain

Country Shower Curtains

The history of the shower curtain can be traced back to ancient Greece. Greek vases and murals depict the use of a curtain in wash rooms. Lord Monboddo, a famous evolutionary theorist in 18th century Scotland (pre-dating Charles Darwin), showered everyday on his front porch claiming that it was an essential part of maintaining cleanliness as practiced by the Greeks.

In today’s society, a shower curtain is an important design feature of any bathroom. The curtain will block the spray from the shower head. The simplicity of this function belies the unlimited quantity of designs that are available to be used in the home. Personal style becomes the main point in the creation and design of a room that imbues a spa-like feel.

Different types of country shower curtains are popular in themed bathrooms that emphasize the idyllic quality of rural life. The room for bathing is a secluded and private retreat that evokes emotions of relaxation and tranquility. The traditional consumer seeking to give their room a facelift may turn to the shower curtain as the focal point of the room.

country shower curtains

Scenes depicting old farmhouses, farm animals, rolling mountains and colorful valleys are just a few of the many ideas that a design could focus on. Rustic items can be placed around the room that is similar in design and color. For example, the trendy theme of roosters can be repeated throughout the decor in soap, trash cans, and so forth.

One of the most original country shower curtains is a handmade curtain created by quilting denim blocks together. The denim can be collected from previously worn clothing items that may not be useful anymore. A handmade country shower curtain is one way to personalize a room to create that feeling of retreat.

Patterned material could be substituted in place of denim. Iconic symbols can be used such as stars, bird houses, floral pieces, etc. The list is only limited to the imagination.

Whether a consumer is seeking to remodel or facelift a room, the shower curtain becomes the main attraction. Considering this important design feature is the first step in the creative process. By gathering samples of country patterns and scenes, it becomes easier to narrow down the personal style of the homeowner. Once the theme is decided upon, the renovation can begin whether it is a simple paint job replacing outdated furnishings or a demolition job requiring outside help.