Bathroom Shower Curtain

Curved Shower Curtain Rod

If you have a standard bathtub or shower, you may feel a little claustrophobic on some days. Sometimes, it just seems like you cannot stop bumping your elbows on the wall or the curtain, and you have no room to turn around or even enjoy that relaxing hot shower. Suddenly, what should be a time to de-stress has turned into a huge aggravation. Thankfully, there is an affordable and attractive solution for any tub. The curved shower curtain rod is made specifically for such situations, and can be an excellent choice for a small shower.

A curved shower curtain rod works by bowing out, with the largest space at the center of the tub, creating extra elbow room and giving the illusion of a larger shower overall. Generally, these rods bow out to a total of six inches at the largest part. Although six inches may not sound like much, but you will be pleasantly surprised by how much room you gain. And, since the curtain rod only bows out the shower curtain at the top, it does not take up too much room even in a small bathroom.

curved shower curtain rod

For those of you concerned, the makers of the curved rod added in a very nice feature to avoid water escaping the shower. At each end, the shower curtain rod actually indents in toward the shower only a few inches. This does not affect the overall space gained, but it does give a nice seal to avoid leaks and wet bathroom floors.

These curved rods were originally made for oval tubs, but they are now available for almost any style shower. Most of the rods are fully adjustable, meaning that they will fit nicely in your shower. And, any standard shower curtain will fit the rod just fine. Some curved rods are made to fit a certain sized tub specifically, and will not adjust.

So, when you decide to make your purchase, make sure to confirm which type of rod you are buying. A non-adjustable version that is not made specifically for your size shower will require cutting. The cutting will need to be split evenly between each side of the rod so that the bow remains in the center. Double rods are even available if you wish to hang a plastic and a cloth curtain.

The curved shower curtain rod adds approximately twenty five percent extra space in your shower, and it can mean a more relaxing and less annoying shower.