Bathroom Shower Curtain

Extra Long Shower Curtains for Greater Protection

Truthfully, we buy almost everything in life made to fit. We purchase shoes to fit our feet, clothing to fit our bodies, and even recliners that fit our shapes. We measure windows so that we can order curtains that fit exactly right and carefully calculate carpeting to make sure that it fits the flooring area that it is intended to cover.

When it comes to shower curtains, however, most people have never asked, “Does my shower curtain fit?” Shower curtains are one of those items in life that we assume come in standard sizes. They are made for the average man and woman and the average shower.

In the real world, many people are much taller than average, and the showers designed for them require more than the usual 72-by-72 inch curtain that provides a moisture barrier. Using a standard shower curtain in these circumstances is like taking a bath towel to the beach to keep one’s body away from the sand. It provides inadequate coverage and brings great frustration.

extra long shower curtain

A shower curtain that is too short allows moisture to splash onto the walls and floors, which can quickly wreak havoc with the decor of a bathroom. Over a period of time, more serious damage such as mold or rot can develop that can ruin the permanent structure of the room. Even if these serious problems don’t occur because of an ill fitting shower curtain, it is certainly time consuming and inconvenient to be forced to mop water from the floors and walls after every morning shower.

All of these problems are unnecessary, however. Extra long shower curtains are available to fit any shower enclosure. They may be purchased just a foot longer than the standard shower curtain or as long as 96 inches. A customer can also find them in extra wide widths if needed.

The choices available in extra long shower curtains do not eliminate stylish choices. These curtains come in everything from solid colors to animal prints, from designer series to cartoon characters. They are available in plastic, vinyl, and fabric. Just as the standard curtains, extra long curtains may be purchased that are mold and fade resistant, and are made to last.

Extra long shower curtains are designed for protection. Buying a shower curtain that actually fits well will ensure that water leaking from the top or bottom of the shower will become a problem of the past.