Bathroom Shower Curtain

Fabric Shower Curtains: Fun, Frilly, or Funky

Fabric shower curtains are a bit of an oxymoron; they provide a large amount of decoration to a bathroom but require a waterproof liner to server their function. A liner should match, or compliment, the fabric color as much as possible to not draw attention to itself. Higher-end stores or websites that sell fabric shower curtains frequently have a wider selection of liners. Regardless of budget, be diligent and shop frequently until you find that fabric shower curtain you want greeting you several times a day when you walk in the bathroom. Thinking of the fabric shower curtain as a "greeter" in your bathroom could be a sound way to help you select the right one.

In many people's opinion, fabric shower curtains are better than the vinyl or plastic options. Fabrics are often preferable to plastic or vinyl shower curtains for several reasons. The fabric can hang on the outside of the tub and serve to down play a less attractive bathtub. Plastic or vinyl shower curtains can be very stiff, offer few style options, and often show unattractive water stains. The look of a vinyl or plastic shower curtain is also very limited; it has to hang inside the tub to catch and draw the water down.

Fabric Shower Curtains

Fabric shower curtains provide nearly endless options, here are a few major categories to consider. The shower curtain with a scene, like a coral reef or a pastoral, mountain scene; these are usually good for people with a particular love of the theme. The fabric shower curtains with rich colors and, or textures; these are in the bathroom almost as a specialty wall treatment and vary from bold and funky, fun and cute, to glimmering, gold and ritzy. Solid colored, fabric shower curtains can be simple and frill less, or have ruffles and a topper, or even be drawn across the bathtub like traditional window curtains.

The repeating pattern is another common category for fabric shower curtains. The patterns can be as different as people are, a simple shape or a repeated picture, real or abstract. With such a huge variety to choose from, and considering the large amount of visual space a shower curtain can take in a room, it is a good idea to begin the design of an entire bathroom with the fabric shower curtain.

Fabric shower curtains are flexible, fashionable, and where function meets its desired theme or presence.