Bathroom Shower Curtain

Hookless Shower Curtain : A Modern Marvel

"How can a task that seems so simple be so difficult?" That is the question asked by almost anyone who has had the time-consuming and unpleasant task of changing the old moldy shower curtain for a new one. Not only does it seem to take an inordinate amount of time, but it takes a toll on the body as well.

Changing the old ringed shower curtain requires the balancing skills of an acrobat and the muscle power of a strength trainer. Just when the shoulder muscles feel as if they are separating from the bone because the hands have been held above the head for so long, one always discovers a missed ring. This means undoing part of the job that has already been finished in order to redo the work.

hookless shower curtain

This painful activity can be prevented, however, with the purchase of a hookless shower curtain. Many people are completely unaware of this modern invention. One type of hookless shower curtain with flex on rings is weaved back and forth on the shower bar without removing the bar itself from the wall. This type of system slides more easily on the bar than do curtains that are attached with rings.

Other hookless systems might use various methods of attachment such as snaps, Velcro, or buttons. All of these eliminate the frustration that comes when changing out a traditional shower curtain. They are also much quicker to install.

Hookless shower curtains come in a wonderful variety of materials, from vinyl to fabric. It is quite easy to find patterns and colors that match the decor of the room, whether one is decorating an elegant bath for visitors or a quirky shower with cartoon characters for a child. These shower curtains even come in designer styles.

Hookless shower curtains also work on any bar, whether it is the standard straight one or one of the new curved or crescent rods. Crescent rods have become more popular because they allow more space and freedom in the shower, and they work beautifully with the hookless shower curtains.

Hookless curtains may also be purchased in extra long lengths so they suit any situation. Not only are they much easier to install, but also the hookless curtains possess many of the same benefits as standard curtains. They repel the water; many have been treated to be mold resistant, and, if desired, they can be used in conjunction with a liner.