Bathroom Shower Curtain

Kids Shower Curtains - Keeping It Fun In The Tub

A decorative shower curtain can do many things in a child's life. It can inspire imagination, give a wonderful mood and atmosphere, and also just be plain fun with favorite characters or designs. One of the most important things to remember when choosing a curtain for a child's bath is to meet the needs of the child, while also matching the existing decor in the room.

This can be a challenging and daunting task, so lets look at some things to remember when making the purchase.

First we need to take a look at certain colors. Bright and neutral colors can promote positive feelings while tying a room together. Yellows, Blues, and Greens can go with any decor, and also have many opportunities for enhancement. Some colors to be avoided would be darker greens, browns, and blues as this not only removes the excitement of bath time, but can also make the room seem much smaller.

Kids Shower Curtains

After choosing the perfect shade, this is where shapes come into play. For children, almost any shape will do. Staying with some of the basic shapes such as squares, circles, and triangles will not only be simple but also will help promote any type of learning at a basic level. In the younger grades, shape recognition will be taught, and this can be transformed into the home with this simple step. Complex shapes such as octagons, diamonds, and pentagrams would be confusing, and also ignored by younger children. The key to this adventure is simple, yet attractive.

All of this being said, some of you may be thinking, "My child likes (his or her favorite animated character)". Animated characters are awesome replacements for basic shapes. It not only makes a good starting theme for the bathroom, but can improve the imagination and playtime in the tub. Stories can erupt once children see their favorite character in almost life size shape every time they are in the water. Some longtime favorites related to water are Spongebob Squarepants, The Little Mermaid, and other aquatic creatures.

Kids Shower Curtains

In the end, the choices are endless. You can go to any major mega mart and find some kind of creation that will make your child happy. The main focus needs to be the child that you are looking for. Make sure that you are not looking for yourself, but instead entrancing yourself in the memory of being a child. Another good tip would be to take the child in question to the store to help in the selection of the curtain. This would not only help you decide what is good for him/her, but also give the child a sense of responsibility. All in all, the key would be to have fun, and let your imagination go wild. Happy Shopping.