Bathroom Shower Curtain

Long Shower Curtains

Shower curtains come in the standard size, but you can also find them to be available in longer sizes. Having long shower curtains is a must if your bathroom ceiling is high. This means you would need to hang your bathroom curtain from a higher place and so length matters in such situations. 

Long shower curtains also look very elegant, because of their long length. If you wish to buy curtains like this, you need to specifically look for products that state that they extra long, as this gives you the kind of length that you need for your bathroom. You will find labels of such shower curtain products to mention something like ‘Extra Long Size’ and a size such as 72" x 84" is mentioned on the package. When you buy long curtains, it is vital that you only look for packages that state ‘extra long’ as otherwise you will get only the standard curtain size.

long shower curtains

When searching for long shower curtains, be sure to look for those that are water-resistant. This is because shower curtains will be constantly exposed to water and if they are not water resistant, water on the surface won’t come off. It will soak into the material keeping it wet and surely you will find having to hang your curtain out to dry, a tedious task. Another point to be noted is looking into mol resistant curtain. This way fungus won’t form on the surface of the curtain material. When you have long curtain, this factor is quite important as otherwise you will have a lot of mold forming right from midway to the end and it would really ruin the curtain’s purpose.

So, when shopping for long shower curtains, specifically look for curtains that state they are water resistant and mold resistant, as this ensures that you buy curtains which last long and which are durable.

You can find long shower curtains to come in many different styles, shades and printed designs. Perhaps a shower curtain in beige shade will appeal to your or may be something in dark maroon color is something that you feel is right for your bathroom interiors.  This means you have plenty of options on such features and so you can buy something that will suit the kind of style that you have done your bathroom, the bathroom’s interior colors and the level of lighting that you have. You can choose shower curtains in a shade that contrasts with your bathroom tiles else you can choose something that compliments it so that the look of your bathroom interiors enhance by hanging them inside.

The easiest way to buy long shower curtains to look for them in online stores. You can find quite a range of shower curtain products here. The best aspect about shopping for long shower curtains online is that you can make comparisons between product features, colors and prices. This enables you to find exactly what you feel is best for your bathroom. Placing an online order complete the purchase and you will get your product shipped to you in the shortest time possible.