Bathroom Shower Curtain

Go Red in the Bath - Use a Red Shower Curtain

So you've decided to go with brilliant red shower curtains in the bath. Congratulations, it's a daring concept, not for the faint of heart, but well worth the under-taking as long as you remember to handle with care.

Red is a color that makes people happy on a fundamental level. It's in your face and draws your attention, makes a person smile. This can go a long way to waking up that tired bathroom, but it can be dangerous as well. Yes, red is a warm color which brings a feeling of vibrancy, passion and life to any room. Too much of this fiery color, though, can be a bad thing, taking a passionate room and making it one that is too hot to handle.

Don't let this frighten you off though. Just keep in mind the need to be cautious with the red. Using red with a heavy hand could well overwhelm the room and make it too stimulating. That said, red is an excellent accent color to splash the room with passion and joy.

Red Shower Curtain

Begin your make over by choosing how much red your room can handle. Shower curtains, when they are closed, take up quite a lot of space, possibly even a full wall, so keep that in mind, and if you decide to go full on red, consider a neutral color like beige or a light tan, or a soft contrasting blue on the walls for the walls to mute the blaze of color. You can sprinkle bits of red in the room with accessories to draw your eye around the room instead of just to that one huge focal point. This will soften the effect as well.

The shade of red you choose will also go a long way to softening the effects. A blazing crimson speaks with a loud voice. Okay if you have a large bath. If you are working with a smaller room you might want to go with a more muted rust or dusty rose color.

If this is still too much, or you want the basic red and not a shade, consider a red print. Shower curtains come in every design imaginable, from stripes, to checks to floral and murals. Shop around. Find that one that reflects who you are or what you are trying to express in the room.

You've made a daring decision, but it can be well worth the effort. Have fun with it, by using common sense and an eye toward the glam and not the glitz your bath can be a realm of seduction and passion fit for any king or queen.