Bathroom Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Hooks : It's The Details that Make a Difference!

When walking into your bathroom, the first thing a guest will see is your shower curtain. To present your home in a fashionable way, it is important to purchase a shower curtain that accents your bathroom, which will set it up for the rest of the bathroom color scheme. Items that are most overlooked are shower hooks. Shower hooks should be purchased based on durability, fashion, and convenience to make for a complete bathroom decoration scheme.

Shower taking can make for wet floors which cause mold and mildew if curtains are not used properly. To ensure a dry floor, buy shower curtain hooks that are not flimsy or easy to break so that the curtain can stay in place. Round plastic shower curtain hooks are great for temporary use when you first move into your dwelling, but you do not want to keep them on your curtain for long periods of time. Invest in some strong metal hooks for once you are ready to fully decorate your shower.

shower curtain hooks

If you accidentally trip and fall and the only thing in your immediate site is your shower curtain, you better hope and pray that those hooks are strong! Also make sure that the curtain holes are reinforced so that for the meantime you are safe from falling and having the whole shower scheme fall in front of your eyes. The last thing that anybody wants is a shower curtain that has hooks that cannot even hold up the curtain in normal situations or during random accidents.

To keep it fun, take a stroll around your nearest home decor store and find some cute shower curtain hooks. Now-a-days you can buy just about any kind of shower curtain hook ranging from frogs to race cars! Taking an everyday item like a shower curtain and accenting it with fun shower curtain hooks will be a good conversation starter and show your friends and family your creative side.

When decorating, you may like to change out the shower curtain depending on what season you are in. In the winter, most decorate in soft, dark earth tone colors, or decide to decorate with designs such as snowflakes. When changing the shower curtain from season to season, it is important that you purchase shower curtain hooks that are easily removed. Tearing of the shower curtain hook holes may occur if you are not able to open the hooks as intended. If you decide on metal, and these shower curtain hooks are designed specifically for the shower curtain that you are storing away, make sure you dry off the hooks so that they do not get rusty. Keep them in a shoe box or a drawer so that next year you can use them again and they will be as good as new.

Decorating your bathroom is fun, and can take some time to perfect. Not forgetting the small things like shower curtain hooks will guarantee an attractive bathroom that everyone will enjoy.