Bathroom Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain Liner

The shower curtain liner is typically designed to be a protective backing on a shower curtain that is made out of fabric or one that would not clean off very easily. They are usually made of plastic, come in a couple of different sizes, and are usually pretty inexpensive. Although most shower curtain liners are a plain solid color such as clear or white, there are other options when it comes to the shower curtain liner. A good thing to also keep in mind is that you can use a shower curtain liner in place of a shower curtain if you want to do something simple or don't feel like going through the trouble of hanging both a shower curtain and a liner. You can find a shower curtain liner at most drugstores or variety stores, and most certainly at department stores or home improvement stores.

shower curtain liner

If you are looking for a shower curtain liner and need help deciding which type to use, you can make your choice a little bit easier by thinking about a couple of things before you go to buy your shower curtain liner.

Is my shower curtain liner going to be used in conjunction with an actual shower curtain? If the answer is yes, you may want to stick to a plain clear or white shower curtain liner. Since the purpose of your shower curtain liner in this case is to protect the actual shower curtain, the color and design of your shower curtain liner is not very important. In fact, if you use one that has any color or design on it, you may actually distort the look of your actual shower curtain. You also need to make sure that you get a heavy duty shower curtain liner if you are going to use it with a shower curtain. You wouldn't want to ruin your shower curtain by allowing soap and water to leak through.

If you are using your shower curtain liner without a shower curtain in front of it, you can find a shower curtain liner in any variety of colors and designs, but you may want to stick with something in a solid color if you have multiple people using your bathroom and are worried about them being able to see into the shower.

Overall, the process of choosing a shower curtain liner is pretty simple. The only thing you really need to keep in mind when choosing a shower curtain liner is whether or not it's going to get the job done. Once you have taken care of that step you can look for a shower curtain liner that fits your taste and preferences.