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Shower Curtain Rail : Making the Best of Your Purchase

You bought the shower curtain hooks, you bought the shower curtain, but now you want to upgrade your shower curtain rail. There are many factors that need to be taken into account when purchasing such an item. Just like curtains in your living room, buying a shower curtain rail requires measurements, style matching and taking durability into account.

The last thing that anybody wants to do is pick out the shower curtain rail of their dreams and then come home to discover that it does not stretch all the way across! The first step in buying the perfect rail for your shower is to measure your shower width. Using measuring tape, measure from the tallest point left to right. Most curtain rails are sold where you can collapse the rail within a few inches to find the perfect fit. To prevent the frustrating event of finding out that your rail does not fit, do not forget to take measurements before shopping!

shower curtain rail

If you have a leopard print shower curtain and you buy a shower curtain rail with leaves imprinted on the rod iron, your friends may wonder about your mental condition! Some things do not match well when it comes to style. If you are shopping at a home decor store where the shower curtain rails are sold in boxes, ask a manager or store attendant if you can take it out of the box to view the full rail from top to bottom. This will also give you a good opportunity to check for bending of the rail, as some manufacturers have accidents during shipping which can damage their products. Before you head to the cashier to check out, double check that you choose something that goes with our shower curtain theme.

Curtain rails bend, break, and crack depending on how much you invest and maintain them. Plastic is not advised to purchase, unless it is a hard strong plastic that can not be bent. The most durable of curtain rails are rod iron rails, although this can be a more expensive purchase and heavier to lift for set up. When purchasing, keep in mind if screwing into the wall is necessary or if the rod has suction cups that stick to the shower walls. It is recommended to screw the curtain rail into walls as this will ensure sturdiness. When suction wears and tears, it is less likely to hold up your shower curtain, and this can cause many unforeseen accidents!

When purchasing a shower curtain rail, spend time thinking of what you want before you go to the store. Make sure to measure first, take into consideration what style your shower curtain is and that you are purchasing a shower curtain rail that is strong, safe and durable.