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Shower Curtain Rings : Add Style To Your Bathroom

When you think of shower curtain rings, you probably just think of little plastic rings that hold your shower curtain onto your shower curtain rod, right? Shower curtain rings can actually be beautiful, decorative accents to your bathroom though, especially when paired with the right shower rod and shower curtain. I used to have the plain plastic curtain rings hanging from my plain plastic shower curtain rod myself until I moved into my new home.

I replaced the boring and drab, white, plastic shower curtain rod with a shiny, stainless steel rod. I then went out and purchased beautiful shiny, stainless steel shower curtain rings with a floral pattern on them which matches my shower curtain. I have gotten more compliments on my shower curtain rings than anything else in the bathroom. It gives such a subtle but nice and noticeable touch to your bathroom.

shower curtain rings

There are many different styles of shower curtain rings for your bathroom. You should think of your shower curtain rings as a decorative accessory instead of thinking of them as hardware for the bathroom. Shower curtain rings come in a range of sizes, styles and colors. There are also many shower curtain rings on the market which make hanging your shower curtain so much faster and easier than it does when you use round plastic shower curtain rings.

You can purchase shower curtain rings at many stores and online retailers. You can buy shower curtain rings everywhere from the hardware store, to Home Depot, to Target to eBay. If you are looking for a larger selection of shower curtain rings then I would definitely recommend browsing the internet. You are much more likely to find a wider selection of shower curtain rings when shopping online, and chances are, you can get them at better prices by shopping online too.

Shower curtain rings range in price from about $2.00 up to $40.00. Of course, if you're paying $2.00 for shower curtain rings, you are going to be purchasing the cheap, round, plastic ones, but for an additional $10.00 or more you can have unique and stylish shower curtain rings that will stand out and make a beautiful decorative statement in your bathroom.

The more you pay for your shower curtain rings, the better quality they will be and the longer they will last. Have fun when decorating your bathroom, choose a good color scheme, a beautiful shower curtain and top things off with decorative shower curtain rings that will add a bit of style to your bathroom. Remember, its the little decorative touches that count.