Bathroom Shower Curtain

The Indispensable Shower Curtain Rod

The Shower Curtain Rod

In every bathroom where there is facility for a shower, there is a shower curtain rod. The sole purpose of a shower curtain rod is a means of attaching a shower curtain. Out of control water streams in a rain forest might be okay. But, in contemporary bathrooms where there is usually a tiled or carpeted floor, unnecessary water and moisture can be a hazard. It's easy to imagine how the first shower curtain rod came to be. It could have been "a privacy thing"; that is, the need to shower in a completely private area. The first shower rod might have been as basic as a flexible tree limb with nothing more than a bit of fabric secured to it with wooden pegs.

Today's Shower Curtain Rods

When people purchase shower rods, they look for a certain style that coordinates with the rest of the bath. Fortunately, there are a number of styles in stainless, brass, polished brass, vinyl wood and heavy-duty vinyl. Shower curtain rods, for the most part, are designed so they fit most any shower width. Originally, shower rods were mounted and secured in 2 flanges. This type of installation is permanent and not easily removable. Modern shower curtain rods may also be mounted with flanges for circular, corner and ceiling mountings. The flanges are secured to a wall or ceiling with mounting screws for a more secure grip. Flanges are best installed on untiled areas or areas without tub wall panels for maximum security. These rods may be straight, curved or circular.

shower curtain rods 

Tension Rods with Adjustability

For bathrooms with heavily tiled areas around showers, the answer to this is a shower curtain rod with a spring loaded adjustable tension capability. The rod remains secured on either end of the wall by simply rotating the extension section to create enough tension between rod and wall. The finishings on this type of rod can be simple or ornate to match bath style.

Space Saving Shower Curtain Rods

In small bathrooms or for bathrooms with minimal shower and tub space, curved rods are the answer. The curve in the rod prevents water from collecting at the tub or shower edges; thereby spilling onto the floor and creating water damage over time.

Shower Curtain Rod Maintenance

Shower curtain rods are the most economical feature of any bathroom. High quality rods are relatively inexpensive and require little maintenance. Unlike tempered glass shower doors that glide along tracks and collect moisture and mildew, shower curtain rods provide a virtually maintenance-free answer for people on the go.