Bathroom Shower Curtain

Vinyl Shower Curtains

Vinyl shower curtains are decorative, functional, and sturdy. A large variety of colorful vinyl shower curtains exist with matching bathroom fixtures. These shower curtains are a practical alternative to the more delicate cloth curtains with inner vinyl liners. While shielding the rest of the bathroom from the shower spray, vinyl shower curtains can give the bathroom a unique and inviting look.

Easier and less expensive to change than paint, wall paper or floor coverings, vinyl shower curtains add color and style with a small amount of money and little work. By adding a few matching accessories the bathroom look is complete and can be changed again when the mood strikes.

Vinyl shower curtains are durable and easy to clean as well. They can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Remove all the rings with care so as not to tear the curtain. Add towels to the washing machine both before and after the shower curtain is placed in the water along with laundry detergent. Use a gentle wash cycle allowing the machine to do the work of scrubbing away all the build up on the curtain. It will come out looking like new as you hang it back on the curtain rod.

vinyl shower curtains

If a vinyl shower curtain hole is torn there is no reason to discard the entire curtain. The hole can be repaired with a peel off and paste on "Curtain Saver" that can be purchased and placed on both sides of the hole to reinforce the vinyl. Some people worry that vinyl shower curtains are toxic leaking poly vinyl chloride in to the air for weeks or months after they have been unsealed and installed. The solution to this problem is that many companies are switching to ethyl vinyl acetate which is durable and has no odor or toxic residue.

Besides being functional, sturdy and easy to clean vinyl shower curtains are decorative. With bright colors and themes any bathroom can be enhanced with a distinctive vinyl shower curtain. Shopping for the prefect look by way of the internet enlarges the selection so that the home decorator is able to find exactly what is needed. Vinyl shower curtains provide a great deal of decorative flare for little expense and even less effort and they are very practical.

Both bathroom decorating and bathroom up keep can be made easy with the use of a vinyl shower curtain.